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Specialized Services by
Expert Professionals

We provide a suite of outsourced services to enable our clients to focus on what they do best, while saving time and cost. Our outsourced services typically involve subject matter expertise, training, certifications, resource planning, logistics and scheduling, specialized technology or equipment, and contractual deliverables.

Flexible delivery options

A key advantage to working with System One is our ability to layer outsourced services and workforce solutions for a single-source approach. You choose the service options you need and we’ll work with you on the most cost-effective way to get the work done.

Below are the specialized services we provide through System One and our subsidiary organizations:

  • Utility Services – solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution: Utility Services
  • Renewable Energy – field inspection, IGBT systems, blade services and repair, and certified Global Wind Organisation training: Renewable Energy
  • Telecom – engineering services and technical training: Telecom Services
  • Technical Training – QA, QC & NDE, quality, pipeline, and welding inspection: Nuclear
  • QA, QC & NDE Services – inspection and examination: Nuclear
  • Industrial Solutions and Fabrication – design, development, and installation of industrial equipment and infrastructure: Engineering
  • Creative, Digital, and Broadcast – design, marketing, multimedia, and production support: TeamPeople and Dreamtek
  • Legal eDiscovery – legal services technology: Cimplifi
  • Field Service Software: EnSight+
  • Managed IT Services: Digital

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