Critical Infrastructure

Renewable Energy Solutions

The speed and scale of the renewable energy holds the promise of not only reducing carbon emissions but offering energy access to millions.

Windmills showing wind power and renewable energy
Critical Infrastructure / Power & Utility / Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Workforce Solutions & Outsourced Services

Renewable energy sources hold the promise of clean, sustainable power for future generations. As demand for renewable, green energy has grown, so has System One’s scope of work.

We support commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses through our outsourced services and workforce solutions. From construction and commissioning to operations and maintenance, we add value throughout the entire production lifecycle.

We offer:

  • An extensive track record supporting renewable energy power generators, manufacturers (OEMs), installers, and other service providers
  • Combination of turnkey field services, plus renewable energy staffing and certified project teams expertly trained in System One’s Global Wind Organisation certified Renewable Energy Training Center
  • Expertise in contingent workforce management and logistics for distributed teams
  • Security clearance and regulatory expertise for complex, large-scale, and critical renewable energy projects

Wind Energy

As an increasing component of the electric generation portfolio, wind energy is driving innovation and economic expansion. The United States leads all other countries in the amount of electricity generated by wind, and technology and equipment advances create more demand for wind energy talent and wind turbine jobs. We offer the following outsourced services:

Blade Services

  • Internal & External Blade Repair 
  • Cosmetic Composite Repair
  • Tip and Shell Repair 
  • LPS Inspection & Testing
  • Structural Composite Repair 
  • LE Erosion & Crack Repair 
  • Nacelle, Hub, Spinner Repair 
  • VG and Serration Installation

Turbine Services

  • Operations & Maintenance 
  • New Construction Support 
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Large Corrective Support
  • Torque & Tensioning 
  • Punch-List & Walkdowns
  • Repower Campaigns
  • Out of Warranty Inspections

Professional and Administrative Services

  • EHS Management 
  • QA & QC Inspectors
  • Project Management 
  • Construction Management
  • Project Engineer Support
  • Site Asset Management 
  • Site Supervision
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Site Administration

Solar Energy

System One’s expertise in the solar industry is extensive, offering workforce solutions for various positions, including civil engineers, journeymen electricians, quality control specialists, and on-site managers. We also offer a variety of outsourced services, including:

  • Construction Support
  • PV Panel Installation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Electrical Inspection & Repair
  • Engineering Support
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Landscape Management


The bioenergy environment demands innovation and speed, not only in developing new renewable energy sources, but also from its suppliers. System One responds to the complex dynamics of the bioenergy marketplace with industry expertise, targeted bioenergy staffing, and high quality solutions. As the renewable energy market gains traction, we are ready to respond for every stage of the production lifecycle, including:

  • Research & development
  • Bioenergy product development & marketing
  • Biomass supply & logistics
  • Agricultural management
  • Construction management
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Quality assurance & quality control

Renewable Energy Training Center

System One’s Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC) addresses a critical need for high-quality, accessible renewable energy training to support wind turbine operations and other related renewable energy skills. We provide fully certified field technicians capable of fulfilling the needs of the renewable energy industry.


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