Renewable Energy Training Center Houston, Texas

System One Renewable Energy Training Center

The System One Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC) addresses a critical need for high-quality, accessible renewable energy training to support wind turbine operations and other related renewable energy skills. We create fully certified field technicians capable of fulfilling the needs of the renewable energy industry.

Renewable Energy Training Center

The RETC provides an environment that fosters a greater connection between renewable energy employers, trainers, and jobseekers allowing for an effective way to meet the ever-changing industry demands. System One’s renewable energy training is diversified and capable of adapting its courses and certifications to meet the safety and training requirements of the renewable energy industry.

System One’s RETC offers Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified curriculum:

  • Basic Safety Training (BST) and Refresher BST for the following modules:
    • First Aid
    • Manual Handling
    • Fire Awareness
    • Working at Heights

In addition, the RETC offers a variety of specialized training including:

  • Rescue at Heights:
    • Self-Rescue
    • Assisted Rescue
    • Blade Evacuation
    • Turbine Evacuation
  • Competent Climber
  • Composite Repair
  • Blade Inspection
  • Rigging and Tagline Operations
  • Suspended Platform Assembly and Operations

The RETC desires to increase active connections in the renewable energy industry to improve training programs, provide more hands-on learning opportunities, and cultivate an educated workforce with the specialized renewable energy training needed to start a new career in the industry.

Furthermore, we want to inspire our field technicians to excel in their performance and offer opportunities for personal development and career success. As an organization, we want the RETC to be recognized as best in class, providing industry leading renewable energy training that produced a highly adaptive and skilled workforce.

System One’s Renewable Energy Training Center participant feedback is currently a 5 star rating.

Participant testimonials:

Daniel L: “Best GWO training I’ve been through, Mark did an awesome job, and he should consider ‘training the trainers’ to make his course the benchmark for GWO training across the board.”

Jose A: “Overall, the best safety training I have had. Trainer is what made the difference, topics were explained simply and efficiently.”



Renewable Energy Training Center Houston, Texas
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