RPG Resources Denver, Colorado

RPG Resources Denver, Colorado

RPG Resources Denver provides experienced leaders and reliable inspection services and environmental solutions to their energy and utility customers, safely, while protecting the environment and the communities they work in. RPG services include:

  • Inspection Services: Erosion and sediment control, well pad, pipelines, infrastructure integrity, and water storage facilities
  • Utility Inspection Services: Front line leadership, managing water and construction related projects
  • Production & Water Management: Customizable production water systems, hydraulic modeling, water transfer, and project management
  • Engineering & Environment Services: Sampling, water quality management, permitting and pipeline routing
  • UAS & Data Collection Services: UAS pilots, geospatial data collection, data processing and automation technology
  • Additional Services: Civil and environmental design, hydraulic modeling and permitting

RPG Resources is fully committed to the health, safety and protection of everyone involved in their day-to-day operations. They view their employees and clients as one, making it a top priority to actively promote safety and incident prevention through ongoing trainings, practices, and programs. They actively participate in submitting electronic safety observations, near misses, and stop work reports which include hazard mitigation tactics, GPS coordinates, and a picture of the hazard or potential hazards. They are extremely proud of their strong safety record and believe that in their industry there is nothing more important than a strong safety culture.


RPG Resources Denver, Colorado
1720 S. Bellaire Street Suite 400
Denver, CO 80221

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