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Wind Energy: Turnkey Cable Management Solution

Collaborating to Create Wind Turbine Solutions

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End of Warranty inspections of wind turbines have revealed high incidences of tower cable nonconformities. These issues are generally due to a known poor wind drip loop design that results in the abrasion of the tower cable insulation. These issues can lead to turbine faults, fire, and technician injuries; leading to turbine downtime and high repair costs.

Industry Scenario

Existing industry repair options only provide a temporary solution to the problem and delay a more costly cable replacement. Based on the known wind drip loop design shortcomings, the industry is researching a more cost-effective and permanent turbine life extension solution.

System One Solution

With more than 25 years of extensive wind industry expertise, System One partnered with Hydac and the Lapp Group to design a long-term solution.

After three years of testing and validation, the collaboration resulted in the Turnkey Cable Management Solution. In response to industry needs, this new solution virtually eliminates cable wear and reduces turbine downtime. Installation by cable connection experts ensures simplified cable maintenance, replacement, and safer working conditions for technicians.

Client Benefits

Partnering with trusted and experienced industry leaders, System One, Hydac, and the Lapp Group, the Turnkey Cable Management Solution delivers:

  • Maximum turbine efficiency
  • Dramatically reduced long-term drip loop and power cable replacement costs
  • Decreased downtime with a tested and proven solution to eliminate cable wear
  • Diminished exposure and risk of fire to assets and potential injury to technicians
  • The broadest range of cable solutions and electrical products

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