Success Story

Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services

Dreamtek's Real-Time Content Capture and Delivery, Google NEXT ‘24

Many of our success stories come from our System One subsidiary brands. Check out how Dreamtek, our leading global video production company, successfully managed the immense volume of content at Google Next '24, an annual conference hosted by Google Cloud. Their efficient strategies ensured speedy delivery, keeping participants engaged both during and after the event. Thanks to their efforts, Google Cloud's on-demand content is now easily accessible for anyone to explore.


When it comes to executing large-scale, high-profile events, the ability to deliver quality, engaging content quickly is paramount. For Google NEXT, an event attended by 30,000 in-person participants, Dreamtek had a pivotal role that highlighted their expertise and commitment to excellence in digital content production.

The Challenge

The Google NEXT event required an unprecedented level of logistical and technical planning, content creation, and real-time engagement. With the vast number of sessions and the high attendee count, the demand for immediate access to content was higher than ever. Their goal was not only to manage the sheer volume of content but to ensure its speedy delivery to maintain participant engagement during and post-event.

Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services

Dreamtek's Approach

Dreamtek tackled this challenge head-on with an onsite team, complemented by remote support spanning from California to London. Their comprehensive service offering included:

  • Client and Production Services: Tailored to meet the extensive demands of the event.
  • Technical Consulting: Ensuring seamless execution of content delivery.
  • An Onsite Crew: Over 50 professionals dedicated to recording and editing content.
  • Remote Support Staff: An additional 20 experts facilitating global coordination.Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services

Preparation was key to our approach. With over 8 months of preparation, they dedicated themselves to technical and logistic planning, updating equipment, and expanding their team with over 50 external staff members to meet the project’s unique demands.


Dreamtek's efforts culminated in the delivery of more than 70 cut-downs for their partners and social teams, supported by a total of 375 pieces of content. This was achieved with an 84-strong workforce, showcasing Dreamtek’s capability to scale and adapt to the needs of large events. Their rapid content delivery system set a new benchmark for the event industry, allowing attendees to access and engage with content almost instantaneously.

Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services


The success of their engagement was echoed in Google’s feedback, capturing the sentiment with a simple but effective, “Whoa and wow! Love hearing about the success of such a massive workstream!” – Google. This project not only demonstrated Dreamtek’s ability to handle large-scale content demands but also reinforced their position as a leader in providing comprehensive production and technical services for major tech events.

Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services


With their innovative approach at NEXT ‘24, Dreamtek not only demonstrated their capability to handle large-scale, high-pressure events but also their commitment to pushing the boundaries of live event coverage. The success of this project reflects Dreamtek’s position at the forefront of the industry, combining technical expertise, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of client needs to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Transforming Tech Events: Innovative Video Production Services

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