Success Story

Elevating Technology Staffing: A Decade of Success

Technical Staffing

Many of our success stories come from our System One subsidiary brands. Check out how ALTA IT Services, became a top talent provider through their expert technical recruiting skills, proactive responsiveness, and commitment to unmatched service.

Partnering with our client for over a decade, ALTA has delivered unparalleled technology staffing solutions that have consistently met and exceeded the client's evolving needs. This enduring relationship was built on a foundation of mutual trust, exceptional service, and a deep understanding of the organization's unique challenges and requirements.

ALTA initially secured this account, capitalizing on their proven track record with other large financial services companies. As the client expanded with their large workforce, they faced significant challenges in hiring a diverse range of technology talents in a short period. Their transition from outdated technology required managing extensive transactional and large database environments—a daunting task for which ALTA was well-equipped to recruit.

Early Pain Points

Before partnering with ALTA, the client's talent management practices limited staffing options and struggled to address their data management needs effectively.

ALTA provided staff augmentation primarily for technology contract resources. Their services have expanded to include positions that cover the entire software development life cycle. The average contract duration is 24 months, with many contractors serving 3-5+ years, reflecting the long-term trust and value ALTA delivers.

Key Strengths

Recruiting Key Skills

ALTA excels in identifying and vetting a wide variety of technical resources quickly and efficiently, a crucial capability for the client's diverse and dynamic needs.

Quality of Service

ALTA's commitment to quality is reflected in their continuous top supplier ratings, including an overall rating of 4.9/5 in early 2023.

Relationship Dynamics

ALTA's relationship with the client's hiring managers and vendor management group has evolved into a true partnership. Their proactive and responsive service model ensures they are viewed as an asset rather than a threat, fostering an environment of collaboration and trust. They are deeply integrated into their processes, allowing ALTA to anticipate needs and deliver solutions promptly.

Measurable Results

ALTA's impact is shown by their ranking as a top vendor for the client. Most notably, they have been rated #1 in Responsiveness and Procedural Adherence out of 23 vendors, highlighting their proactive approach in ordering equipment and ensuring each hire is seamlessly integrated into their operations.



ALTA’s services significantly reduce the burden on the client's HR staff, offering flexibility and the assurance of high-quality staffing solutions. By maintaining a deep understanding of their needs and consistently delivering, they have become an indispensable partner in their success. Through understanding, innovation, and unwavering commitment, they continue to help clients achieve their goals and navigate the complexities of the technology landscape.

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