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A Highly-Awarded Global Architecture Firm

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To create innovative and sustainable spaces where people live, work, and play, a highly-awarded architecture client relies on extraordinary talent from System One. Working across the globe, our client pursues a vision to reach across cultures and industries to create spaces that enhance the human experience. To meet demanding deadlines and changing project priorities, the firm needs flexible staffing resources complemented by national payrolling services.

Client Scenario

More than ten years ago, System One began supporting this client on a limited basis, primarily supplying computer-aided design (CAD) technicians on a contract basis to its headquarters office. Like many similar firms, our client was affected by the economic downturn in the early 2000s and drastically reduced its use of outside resources.

System One kept in touch, though, and crafted a managed payroll solution to streamline the process of rebuilding the client’s project employee base as its business rebounded.

System One Solution

Through expert customer service and adept management of the firm’s payrolling needs, System One gained national exposure throughout the client organization. Once again, our engineering recruiting team stepped in to fill contract positions across diverse design, construction, and corporate disciplines.

Because of System One’s persistence and commitment to creating a positive relationship at every level of interaction, we have developed a strong partnership with departments across the organization, from HR and payroll to the senior executive team and corporate principals.

Now, System One has emerged as the client’s go-to provider for specialized support staff. We serve as the exclusive provider for CAD/Revit® and drafting needs, and we also regularly fill roles for architects, construction administrators, interior designers, and other openings.

Client Benefits

The client rates System One highly for its communications, responsiveness, and recruiting ability. Flexibility is key. Because most of their work is project-based and site-specific, using a skilled contingent workforce reduces overhead and administrative burden. System One not only can find necessary resources wherever and whenever they are needed across the U.S., we also provide a streamlined approach to onboarding, HR/benefits, and payroll processes.

Throughout our long partnership, System One has constantly sought out ways to provide a smooth and seamless experience for both the client and its contract workforce. We have developed a deep understanding of the client’s cultural environment and required technical expertise. Through expert staffing and automated managed services, the client is better positioned to deliver on-time, within-budget projects to its own customer base.

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