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Transmission Lines

Field Services Snapshot

Our clients faced a significant challenge in their ambitious projects to build transmission lines across the United States. The Bureau of Land Management, overseeing Federal land use, required a Section 106 study, which mandates that any project receiving federal funding, permits, or licenses must consider the potential impact on historic properties.

Recognizing the situation's complexity, the Bureau of Land Management referred our clients to System One. With its extensive network and understanding of indigenous communities, System One was uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between energy development and cultural preservation.

To ensure a systematic and respectful approach, System One identified and reached out to tribes within the project's geographic area. Our efforts culminated in arranging for six tribes to conduct a meticulous seven-week survey across Wyoming's front range. This crucial phase involved identifying sites significant to indigenous culture and advising on potential modifications to the project layout should any considerable findings emerge.

System One's expertise extended beyond tribal relations. We possessed a unique contracting mechanism to hire cultural tribal surveyors, a capability our clients lacked. This efficiency saved time and ensured compliance with the necessary federal regulations.

The relationship between System One and our clients evolved into one marked by convenience, ease, and trust. System One's ability to effectively coordinate between energy developers and indigenous tribes ensured that the project could proceed without cultural insensitivity or regulatory setbacks.

In summary, System One's involvement in this project was about more than just fulfilling a contract. It demonstrated their ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, respect cultural heritage, and foster collaborations that led to the successful execution of a significant energy development project. This story is a testament to System One's commitment to inclusive and sustainable development, setting a precedent for future projects in the energy sector.

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