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Oil & Gas Contractor Management & Staffing

One of the World’s Largest Privately-Owned Energy Groups

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System One supports one of the world’s largest privately-owned energy groups with professional recruiting and managed staffing services. By managing the client’s long-term contractor arrangements, our services pave the way for more efficient payroll processes and more effective risk management.

Client Scenario

Our client has a prominent stake in two major shale gas plays in the United States and continues to invest heavily in land positions to advance production. To support their operations, the company requires a steady stream of skilled natural gas pipeline and plant operators, as well as professional, engineering, and technical talent for its corporate team. Key value drivers include managing administrative burden and compliance issues along the supply chain.

System One Solution

The foundation of System One’s solution lies in highly-efficient contingent workforce management processes, supported by our shared services center in Pittsburgh, PA. As an early priority, the client sought greater control over procedural, legal, and financial risks associated with its 1099 workforce. System One helped the client establish a comprehensive risk management approach to streamline, monitor, and analyze its use of independent contractors.

System One also implemented payrolling arrangements for candidates identified by the client to reduce administrative burden and ensure regulatory compliance. Program components include:

  • Consolidated vendor solutions with only one invoice and robust reporting
  • Flexible pay arrangements through direct deposit or pay cards
  • Compliance with FLSA and Dept. of Labor requirements
  • Administration of safety, drug screening, and certification validation programs

In addition, we also provide critical recruiting support for key corporate positions. System One has established an international talent pipeline to support local recruiting needs, backed by a satellite office in Canada. We have sourced and placed candidates at diverse levels in the client’s home and field offices, from buyers and administrators to geologists and engineers.

Our work relies on a close partnership with different client functions, from HR and Supply Chain to Field Management and Operations. We also pride ourselves on developing deep relationships with our consultants, providing competitive benefits and 24/7 availability. For more than three years, we’ve helped the client get resources where and when they are needed with minimal hassles.

Client Benefits

System One’s high volume processing results in lower hiring costs than the client could achieve on its own, while also supporting higher consultant pay rates. By assuming tax and safety compliance, as well as scheduling logistics, we make it faster and easier for the client to onboard field talent.

Additionally, a comprehensive 1099 management program addresses critical risks associated with using independent contractors. What’s more, a customized billing solution helps the client address exempt status laws related to overtime pay. The client has enjoyed greater contractor retention and valuable recruiting support for critical roles.

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