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Marine Staffing Solutions for Project Success

National Presence Leveraged to Mitigate Logistics Challenges and Realize Project Success

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Recognized as a worldwide leader in maritime transportation, logistics, and services, our client relies on System One to deliver highly-skilled marine talent to support large-scale industry projects. For more than 10 years, System One has partnered with the client’s internal departments to provide industry expertise and highly-specialized staff augmentation services including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement.

Client Scenario

Faced with multiple new vessel construction projects in shipyards located across the country, our client needed a partner with national presence and a large candidate base to provide skilled candidates quickly. The client selected System One as their preferred provider. Each project required a sizeable need for qualified marine talent, rapid ramp up of specific local resources, and specialized teams familiar with maritime industry systems, processes, and requirements. Our client needed a business partner familiar with the complexities unique to the maritime industry that was able to provide strategic guidance and rapid scalability throughout the entirety of each project.

System One Solution

With more than 35 years of extensive maritime industry expertise, System One was called upon to partner with the client’s human resources, engineering, field operations, new construction, and vessel operations teams to create strategic plans for each project location. From the first call, the System One Marine team knew the client needed electrical, welding, and mechanical inspectors, as well as project managers and project engineers. Staff augmentation services also included engineering and project support roles such as planners, schedulers, warehouse personnel, and administrative staff. As a result, System One deployed customized execution initiatives from design and project planning, through construction, sea trials, and delivery to meet the client’s end-to-end needs.

Leveraging a wealth of industry knowledge and a vast network of qualified marine talent, System One overcame the challenges presented by a tight candidate field, multiple project dynamics, and varying timelines to deliver the staff needed at each phase for every requirement. System One deployed marine engineers, naval architects, project managers, inspectors of all disciplines, planners, schedulers, warehouse, and administrative personnel at varying intervals and locations. By assigning the right personnel at the right time, we were able to provide the flexibility, scalability, and maneuverability to shift focus to pertinent tasks to meet project deadlines.

Client Benefits

Teaming up with System One, the client solidified a vital business partnership and recognized the success of multiple new vessel construction projects. Our extensive maritime industry knowledge, project expertise, and vast network of qualified marine talent enabled long-term project support and success. The collaborative efforts of our teams saved the client countless time and money in man hours related to human resources activities. Our industry expertise provided the necessary maritime know-how to remove barriers, stay on schedule, and meet budget requirements.

Trust, reliability, and responsiveness are the foundations of our decade-long alliance. In that time, System One has fulfilled workforce solutions for more than 10 new build and repair projects, regularly handling overlapping projects lasting anywhere from two to four years each. In addition, System One staffs ongoing needs for engineers, designers, IT, port captains, and port engineers for the client’s locations nationwide.

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