Success Story

Seamless Success: Cimplifi’s Expertise in Legal Data Migration

Many of our success stories come from our System One subsidiary brands. Check out this success Story from Cimplifi, our leading integrated legal services provider, about how they are leveraging technology and expertise to simplify the experience of eDiscovery and contract analytics for law firms and legal departments.


Cimplifi has a proven migration experience that can help your team drive adoption of RelativityOne, a cloud-based eDiscovery platform, demonstrating value and ease to create better user experiences. When you need a trusted partner to migrate your data, you can rely on Cimplifi and trust that their migration experience is second to none. Here are a few examples of how Cimplifi has helped international law firms with their data migration needs:

Data Migration Case Study

1,800 Databases| 3-Month Deadline | 2.4 TB | 2.2 M Files

When an international law firm with almost 1,000 attorneys spanning all the major practices needed to migrate their data from Relativity Server to RelativityOne, they relied on Cimplifi to manage a complex migration of 1,800 workspaces.

Data Migration Case Study

989 Databases | 14-Day Deadline | 1.44 TB | 1.1 M Files

When a law firm with an international reputation for litigation needed to migrate a practice group's critical workspaces, they trusted Cimplifi to get the job done successfully, and as quickly as possible. With 14 days to complete the migration, Cimplifi delivered.

Data Migration Case Study

244 Databases | 48 TB | 59 M Files

When an Am Law 200 firm wanted to migrate from another hosting partner's Relativity Server to their own RelativityOne instance, they relied on Cimplifi to coordinate and drive the data migration. Migrating 59M documents, 48 TB, and 244 workspaces, Cimplifi managed this delicate project with confidence and top-notch migration experience.

With a proven track record in RelativityOne migrations, Cimplifi is the premier partner for firms aiming to optimize their data management processes. Don't let the complexity of data migration slow your progress. Contact Cimplifi today to start your journey towards better efficiency and innovation.


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