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For more than 40 years, nuclear has been the core of System One’s business. From licensing and construction to operations and maintenance, we support the full nuclear power generation lifecycle.

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Experts in Nuclear Energy Services and Solutions

For every 100 nuclear energy jobs at a U.S. power generation facility, nearly another 800 are created in support. Although the demand for nuclear workers is enormous, retirements and attrition make it hard to keep up. The result is a high-pressure scenario to ensure that a sufficient nuclear energy power workforce exists to support nuclear energy jobs for this $300 billion industry. System One meets the nuclear power workforce solutions demand.

Core Nuclear Energy Services and Solutions

Outsourced Services 

  • Project controls support
  • Quality assurance & quality control
  • Outage and turnaround support
  • Nondestructive examination (NDE)
  • Technical training

Workforce Solutions

  • Staffing, recruiting, and staff augmentation to support nuclear energy jobs
  • Managed staffing programs (MSP) 
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Vendor management system (VMS)

Outsourced services for every industry

System One designs and deploys quality solutions to ensure compliance with regulatory codes and industry standards. We deliver quality assurance, quality control (QA/QC), nondestructive examination (NDE), and related services that improve plant and personnel safety, minimize failures and unscheduled downtime, and enhance your efficiency and profitability.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

This encompasses every one of our tactical services across the entire lifecycle, from licensing and commissioning to operations and maintenance. System One’s QA services help you prevent quality problems, measure and monitor results against established quality standards, and make progress towards the core QA principles of “right first time” and “fitness for purpose.”

Nondestructive Examination (NDE)

We provide services to power generation, process, and industrial clients. Working in the plant, in the field, or in a System One lab, certified professionals support root cause defect analysis and the development of corrective action plans.

Condition Assessment and Inspection

We perform thorough, unbiased condition assessments across operating systems and components within the plant infrastructure and field sites. Detailed inspections give you critical insight to make decisions, including:

  • Equipment maintenance and repair logistics
  • Predictability and analysis of equipment failure
  • Confirmation of safe operating conditions
  • Life extension and replacement planning

Process Safety Management

We have a commitment to the safe design, operation, and maintenance of plants and facilities to manage risks and comply with process safety management standards. We place a premium on understanding your unique environment and build your priorities into all our deliverables. Our process safety management and operational quality services are grouped into five core areas:

  • Engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • Data management
  • Safety and process training
  • Mechanical integrity

Outage and Turnaround Support

System One has developed best practices for scheduling, staffing, and conducting outages with complete procedural integrity.

  • Beforehand: management specialists help you plan, prepare, and optimize the program
  • During: we apply resources exactly where needed, based on a prioritized plan
  • Afterward: we provide staff for ongoing maintenance and asset management.

Vendor Evaluation and Product Assurance

Qualified vendor engineering personnel assure that purchase orders, specification requirements, and quality management programs are in effect during manufacture and assembly. Our conformance team has a strong knowledge of relevant codes, standards, and industry best practices.

Technical Training

The System One Training Center (SOTC) is a licensed technical training facility operated by System One. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped thousands of individuals build rewarding careers and hundreds of clients meet growing demand for quality technicians and inspectors.

In addition to customized training, we offer two core programs focusing on: Nondestructive Examination and Pipeline Inspection. With the right combination of classroom and field training, the SOTC combines situational-based and hands-on technical training to thoroughly prepare individuals for working in energy, power, industrial, and technical facilities.

Welding and Corrosion Engineering

We provide metallurgical and welding engineering services to support design, fabrication, and problem resolution in structural and process equipment applications. Our experts also help control corrosion losses through detailed cause analysis and by designing and deploying prevention methods, including coatings and cathodic protection.

Workforce Solutions to provide top industry talent

System One specializes in recruiting and nuclear energy staffing for field services, skilled trade, engineering, radiology, and QA/QC and NDE talent. Our capabilities extend to every functional and professional discipline, both within and in support of nuclear power plants.

  • Engineering (all disciplines)
  • System analysis
  • Regulatory licensing & support
  • Construction & project management
  • Planning, scheduling, estimating, & cost controls
  • Procedure development & test standards
  • Process safety management
  • Design basis development
  • Fuel cycle management
  • Quality assurance & quality control
  • Nondestructive evaluation
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Skilled trades
  • Component manufacturing support
  • Professional support

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