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What Your Virtual Background Says About You

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What Your Virtual Background Says About You: From Bookshelves to Beachside

In the era of remote work and virtual meetings, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and similar apps have become the window into each other's lives. But did you know that your choice of virtual background (or lack thereof) can speak volumes about your personality? Or at least for the sake of this article it can.

Setting Up Your Virtual Background:

Before we dive into the intriguing realm of virtual backgrounds, let's quickly recap how to set them up.

If you are working with Zoom, the process is outlined below. If you’re using another service, like Microsoft Teams, you’ll find links to those tutorials here:Google Meet, Microsoft Teams.

Setting up you Zoom background:

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the Zoom app.
  2. Select "Virtual Background" from the sidebar.
  3. Choose from the provided options or upload your own image.
  4. Voila! You're now ready to express yourself in the virtual realm.

Now that you know how to set up your virtual background, let’s explore some options.

office background image to use for virtual meeting backgrounds

Fake Office Background

Your business doesn't have a physical workplace. We see you, my friend, sitting among rows of perfectly arranged desks and lush plants with your company logo emblazoned on a pane of glass behind you. We know that, in reality, you're coming to us live from your kitchen table, desk, a glorious mess of Post-it notes and half-empty coffee mugs.

Virtual Beach Background

The Beach

You’re livin’ la vida aloha. You have at least four Hawaiian shirts in solid rotation, you unashamedly ask for the kamaaina discount when you visit the islands, and you wouldn’t hesitate, if given the opportunity, to (poorly) plunk your way through Somewhere Over the Rainbow on that ukulele sitting juuuuuuuust off camera.


Private Jet

Maybe you’re the kind of person who invites someone to brunch, orders way more than they do, then asks them to split the bill. Maybe you have visions of dodging the paparazzi via charter. Or maybe you’ve always had a penchant for aviation. In any case, this is your captain speaking: nobody thinks you’re on a private jet. It’s time for a new background. 

photo of dog to use for virtual backgrounds

A Photo of Your Dog

You've got a big ol' soft spot, and we're here for it. Yes, we want to see more photos. No, we don't mind that you will miss work several times this year because your furry friend still hasn't realized they shouldn't eat bees.

forest for virtual background

The Forest

You wear steel toed boots at your standing desk and you can name every craft beer brewery within a 20 mile radius. 

Your Company Logo

You either founded the company, deal with clients daily, or you did a webinar once and haven't bothered to change your background.



You prefer to keep an air of mystery around your surroundings. Your coworkers can't tell if that's a tasteful vase or a pile of laundry behind and that's the way you like it.

No Virtual Background

You embrace authenticity and transparency. Your choice signifies confidence in your surroundings and a sense of pride in your workplace. Have you read all the books in the background? Probably not, but hey, nobody is perfect.

blank office wall with plant on side image to use for virtual background

The Best Background for an Interview

Now, let's talk about the most important virtual background of all: the interview background. When you're vying for that dream job, it is better to be conservative. This isn’t the time to bust out that meme background or put yourself in a Disney film. The focus of the interview should be on you and not what’s behind you. 

If you need to use a virtual background for your interview, use one that’s clean and clutter-free.

Here are links to a few solid choices

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