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What To Do If You Didn’t Get the Job

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Make A Lasting Impression on Your Interviewer


You loved the company, met all the job requirements, and connected with the hiring manager. But you didn’t get the job. While this can be a painful experience, keep moving forward. Disappointment is short-term, and there will be other opportunities.

It’s essential not to burn bridges. Other positions in your field may open up at the company, so you should handle the rejection with grace.

Here’s a quick guide on how to proceed.

Don’t Take it Personally

You might not have been chosen for several reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you. For example, there may have been a more experienced candidate, a change in business needs, a hiring freeze, or a budget restriction.

Take a few moments to realize it wasn’t personal – some things are simply out of your control. So take a breath, and avoid reacting emotionally while speaking with the hiring manager.

Thank Your Interviewer

Sending a thank you note to your interviewer, even if you didn’t get the job, is a sign of maturity, respect, gratitude, and emotional intelligence. Expressing gratitude for your interviewer’s time can create a lasting and positive impression and may leave the door open for future opportunities.

Ask for Feedback

Rejection is always challenging. However, feedback provides valuable insight into how others see you as a candidate. So, in the same email as your thank you note, feel free to ask your interviewer if they have any feedback for you or if they saw any areas of improvement. While some hiring managers may skirt the question, others will gladly help you and offer constructive criticism. That could mean the difference between you getting the next job or not.

Stay Connected

Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to stay in contact and widen your professional network. Send your interviewer a connection request and maintain communication. This will help them keep you in mind for future openings at the company.


We will all, at some point, face rejection from a good company. While that rejection can be hurtful, continuing your search is essential.

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