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The Importance of the Decline in Temporary Help Services

Decline in Temporary Help Services

Temporary Help Services: A Leading Indicator of What's to Come

Did you know that temporary help services declined by 14,100 jobs last month? (Bureau of Labor Statistics) This may seem like another statistic, but it's quite significant. Here's why it matters.


Temporary Help Employment serves as a leading indicator for overall employment trends. In times of economic recovery from a recession, changes in staffing jobs can predict broader employment trends by about three months. When the economy grows normally, this predictive lead extends to six months. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


The recent decline in temporary help services is not just a statistic; it's a significant sign of broader changes in the employment market. This could mean fewer jobs and more competition, making it crucial for job seekers to stay ahead of the game and prepare accordingly.


With the potential for more competition among job seekers, it's more important now more than ever to utilize the resources available. Working with a System One recruiter is invaluable, as they have exclusive relationships with large private and public organizations, giving them access to jobs before they even hit the job boards. System One recruiters can also assist with resumes and interviews, providing insights into what employers seek based on their established relationships.


System One offers a wealth of resources that are ready for you to use right now. By exploring our Job Search Tips & Resources page, you can access expert-curated content on changing careers, updating resumes, exploring new jobs, interview prep, and career growth, all designed to give you the edge in your job search.


At System One, we've navigated various economic climates and are well-equipped to support job seekers in finding new opportunities, regardless of the market conditions. Our extensive experience and expertise make us a reliable partner in any job market.


Stay informed, stay prepared, and take control of your career trajectory. Let System One guide you through the changing employment landscape.

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