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System One Renewable Energy Training Center Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Renewable Energy Training Center

Houston, TX, February, 1st, 2024 – System One, a leader in specialized outsourced services and workforce solutions, is excited to recognize the first anniversary of its Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC). The fully functioning, 5-star rated, training facility provides a Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified curriculum and additional specialized training focused on delivering qualified technicians for wind and solar projects across the US and Canada.

Located in Houston, TX, the System One RETC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of renewable energy education, marking a substantial progression in both training and workforce development within this sector. In response to the United States' leading position in wind-generated electricity, System One established the RETC to cater to the growing need for professionals in wind energy and turbine roles. The RETC offers exceptional and accessible training, concentrating on wind turbine operations and a range of other renewable energy skills, with the aim of producing thoroughly certified field technicians. In addition, the adaptive courses and certifications meet industry safety and training requirements.

Since its inception last year, the RETC has achieved notable advancements. It has successfully aligned program participants with System One's existing renewable energy clients, effectively addressing the requirements of ongoing renewable energy projects managed by System One. This approach offers participants valuable hands-on experience and provides clients with the benefit of immediately fulfilling their workforce needs, which addressed the massive challenge of finding a skilled and certified workforce before the center opened.

Since partnering with System One and utilizing the RETC, our clients have consistently obtained substantial results. They now can access skilled technicians on demand, a flexibility that was unimaginable prior to the center's inauguration. This has significantly streamlined project execution and enhanced their operational efficiency.

More than 230 participants have participated in various RETC programs during its first year, many of whom have provided enthusiastic testimonials about how the training has paved their way to a successful career in renewable energy. Participant course reviews included feedback such as “Overall, the best safety training I have had. The trainer is what made the difference and topics were explained simply and efficiently,” and “Excellent job teaching. I feel very confident doing the things I learned in each one of your training courses.”

Additionally, System One’s Renewable Energy team has expanded how it can respond and deliver services to address client needs in the industry. The team now deploys Blade Service Repair teams across the US and Canada to inspect and repair fiberglass blades. The RETC has effectively broadened its range of certifications, now including: Suspending Platform Operations, Advanced Blade Repair & Fundamentals, and Rigging & Tagline (2-meter basket) training on top of its existing GWO curriculumThe center focuses on more than just wind technician training. Trainers continuously adapt and build curriculums to fit all renewable energy company needs, from solar to battery storage to electric vehicle charging station repairs.

GWO is a nonprofit group of leading turbine manufacturers. They set the industry standards for basic safety and technical training world-wide.

The RETC is a testament to System One’s commitment to making a difference to build a more sustainable future for our next generations. By nurturing talent under the RETC program, System One reaffirms its commitment to meeting the current needs of the renewable energy sector and driving its future growth.


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