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Leadership by Example

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“Attitude is a Little Thing that Can Make a Big Difference”

Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference.”

System One’s executive leadership team understands that mantra well when talking about their Leadership by Example. When asked what helped shape their leadership styles, their answers were varied, but similar. They ranged from family upbringing, work ethics, and team sports. Yet, as diverse as their answers were, a common thread was evident – Put People First.

“I’ve learned to just be honest, and to be good to people” – Troy Gregory, CEO

“I would say it’s the roots of my family.” – Greg Lignelli, COO

“Looking back, I think what has helped me advance in my career … is athletics.” – Dan Moran, CFO

Providing powerful leadership is more critical than ever during today’s business climate. Talented professionals are looking for careers that provide opportunities for new challenges, growth, greater compensation, and success. Powerful leadership enhances employee well-being, makes them feel appreciated and in turn they become more enthusiastic, engaged, creative, and productive.

Individuals who take pride in what they do inspire those around them to do the same. For some, it’s deep-rooted in a family tradition of those who’ve pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to build a better life and a brighter future for themselves, their families, and generations yet to come. For others, inspiration comes from athletics, where teamwork, motivation, and perseverance create winning teams.

Ultimately, the best leaders show dignity and respect for themselves and those around them. They show patience, empathy, reliability, and flexibility. They guide, mentor, and lead by example.

They know to just be good to people.

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