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Highlighting Your Successes in an Interview

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Showcasing Your Accomplishments


During an interview, time is of the essence. You have a limited amount of it to present yourself and your successes in the best light possible.

Preparation is key and the best way to showcase and highlight your career accomplishments and stand out from the crowd. Start with a strong personal elevator pitch -- a quick synopsis of yourself and your achievements. First impressions matter, and this is a great way to catch the attention of a hiring manager. It’s also great to delve into an organic dialogue that flows naturally. It’s imperative to spotlight your successes early on to set you apart from the competition.

From engineering to IT to accounting, every industry assesses career highlights differently. For example, if you’re in the accounting field, prepare to discuss any cost-saving measures you’ve accomplished and relatable metrics. Think about ways you helped your organization save money and what sets you apart from your colleagues.

It’s applicable in other situations as well, not just in a job hunt. For example, you may be seeking a promotion or a pay increase during a performance review. Or you’re the hiring manager with a proverbial unicorn candidate and want to tout your organization’s exciting growth potential, showing that exciting new opportunities lie ahead.

Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to be personal when selling your successes. It provides a relaxing and comfortable way to connect with people during a conversation. And it’s a natural way to show off your soft skills in the process, including your interpersonal, communication, and listening aptitudes.

Ultimately, practice makes perfect. So, keep reviewing and evolving your pitch until it rolls off your tongue as naturally as talking about the weather. Preparation not only helps you … it impresses others.

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