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What Makes a Great Place to Work?

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Love Where You Work


Are you feeling secure in your job? Do you love the people you work with? Do you work well with those people in a collaborative environment that fosters the development of ideas and creativity? Do you sleep well at night and wake up feeling ready to start the day off right?

Or do you fight insomnia, worried about what the following day will bring? Do you dread starting your day? Are you apprehensive about speaking with coworkers during meetings and events? Do you feel unappreciated by the people you work with? Do you impatiently wait for the end of your workday so that you can be free?

More and more, people understand the value of their mental health as it pertains to the workplace. Many employees are leaving their current positions searching for something more fulfilling and better suited to their principles and values. Compensation doesn’t always come in the form of the all-mighty dollar. It comes in the form of time, flexibility, appreciation, and “joie de vivre.”

People aren’t just leaving the workforce; they are reconfiguring their careers. Some are going for better positions, while others have opted to work for themselves.

If you are looking to switch career gears, do your research and pay close attention to some of the broader aspects of an organization.

Work Environment

Does the opportunity foster an environment of flexibility and balance? No two people are alike. Today’s professionals are enthusiastic about being able to work wherever they know they can be the most productive.

Professional Growth

Are you currently burned-out, or are you “bored-out” in your current job? Professional growth is a top motivator for people looking to switch careers. Look for a place that inspires and motivates employees, promotes professional development, and encourages people to expand their expertise.


It’s such a self-esteem boost when you’re appreciated and valued by those you work with. The best leaders ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Make sure you examine how company leaders care for their employees.


You want to feel safe working in a place that inspires a collaborative culture. It’s not practical to have a Pollyanna view that you will like everyone you work with, but it helps if colleagues adopt an environment of mutual respect and ensure a secure exchange of ideas. Your team should be willing to move forward, accomplish goals, and work together as a winning team. When conflicts arise, those issues should be addressed equitably and without favoritism.

Bottom Line

Your career takes up a large part of your waking life. Balance is key. There are good days and not-so-great ones. But you shouldn’t be miserable in your job every single day.

If you’re thinking of making an employment change, seek out companies that will fill you with confidence and a sense of accomplishment. If you decide to conduct a job search, do thorough research on the companies you are applying for. Read about their missions and values, hear what current and former employees have to say about the work environment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions during interviews about culture, vision, and values.

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