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Why Specialized Skills Need a Specialized Staffing Agency

It’s no secret that the tech industry has become a coveted place to land a role. From high-paying jobs in your area to remote work to opportunities to create groundbreaking solutions, the allure is real. But so are the challenges–especially for job seekers.

Competition has become incredibly fierce. Tough economic conditions have resulted in layoffs and hiring freezes. Skills can be misaligned with needs. Fortunately, businesses will always need skilled tech employees, and working with a specialized staffing agency can help you find the in you’ve been searching for.

Does Specialized Staffing Matter in Technology?

In a word: Yes.

In more words: whether you’re looking for an entry level tech job or you’re a seasoned professional ready to take the next step in your career, it’s never been more important to have an advocate on your side–and an extra pair of eyes on the market.

Sure, a general recruiter can tick some boxes, but tech-specialized staffers can take you even further with industry sourcing, interview tips, and support for offer negotiation. Here’s how.

Access to More Available and Relevant Positions in the Tech Industry

Scrolling on online job boards and reaching out to your own personal network are great ways to kick off a tech job search, but these channels may only get you so far. Specialized staffing agencies in tech often have wide networks and pre-built relationships with businesses and hiring managers. They also may have knowledge of job openings that haven’t been listed publicly, access to specialized job boards you may not know about, or insight into remote roles you have yet to consider. With their industry-insider knowledge, they can help you identify lesser-known opportunities that align with your experience and career goals. They also may be able to identify and suggest opportunities outside of your initial search where your experience is transferable.

Strong Understanding of Your Technical Skills

Let’s face it: Tech jobs can be hard to explain and confusing. Whether you’re a web developer, cybersecurity analyst, or product manager (to name a few), the skills required in the tech industry are varied and no two positions are alike. Specialized staffers understand the complexities and nuances of tech roles and the unique skill sets needed. Plus, they know the jargon and what your skills and certifications mean — so you don’t have to waste time explaining the differences between programmers, engineers, developers, and architects. A specialized recruiter can better assist you in tailoring a job-specific resume that truly makes you stand out and highlights the experience that individual hiring managers may be looking for.

Helping You Land the Best Paying Tech Job

Specialized recruiters are also specialists in negotiation. They have more insight into the qualifications and experiences that differentiate you from other candidates, which can be particularly beneficial when advocating for yourself during the negotiation process. They can also help you articulate how your skills and background will add value to your potential employer, and more importantly, how that should translate into more compensation. Even the best paying jobs in tech may require some negotiation, and a specialized recruiter is one of the top resources you can have for ensuring that you receive the DevOps or software engineer salary you deserve!

Bringing a Competitive Edge

In a market that favors hiring teams over job seekers, it can feel like your job search is taking a lifetime, especially if you're one fish in a sea of applications. A specialized staffing agency can shift your job search from quantity to quality, helping you identify the top jobs for your qualifications and goals, while circumventing the digital resume scanners and applicant tracking systems that may limit bites on your application. Getting your resume straight to the hiring manager is a significant advantage, particularly if your staffing agency has worked with the organization before.

Score a Great Job in Tech

Some say that these days, every company is a tech company. Technical jobs are everywhere, and they’re in high demand, whether you want to work in the IT department of a bank, on the sales team of a SaaS company, or on the marketing arm of a digital transformation agency.

By putting a specialized staffing agency like System One on your side, you’ll have an incredible industry-specific resource that you can leverage at all stages of your job search. It’s the right tool for landing the right job.

System One has wide networks and pre-built relationships with businesses and hiring managers in the tech industry, and we’re constantly working with top companies to fill positions at all levels. If you are looking for a new role, we can help you find your perfect fit.

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