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Switching Jobs in the Diesel Industry

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Why now's the right time to switch jobs into the diesel industry


The diesel industry has, for the past few years, been a candidate’s market. As baby boomers retire, not enough workers are joining the field to replace them, causing a shortage of diesel technicians and field service power generation technicians.

With the saturation of open jobs in the diesel industry, companies have adjusted to make themselves more attractive to candidates. The competition for talent is growing, and so are salaries and benefits. Now is the perfect time to find a new employer and get paid more.

High-demand jobs in the diesel industry

Currently, two jobs in the diesel industry are in high demand: diesel technicians and field service power generation technicians. The candidate pool for these positions – especially at the 6-10 years of experience level – is relatively low, making recruiting extremely competitive. This is reflected quite clearly with improved salaries, attractive benefits, and the opportunity to develop and advance your technical skills.

Diesel technicians, at the highest level, can earn over $60,000 per year. Field service power generation technicians, on the other hand, can expect to earn over $80,000 per year. These technicians can work in any large organization that has a requirement for power backup, such as hospitals, large data centers, universities, sporting stadiums, etc.

Additionally, these jobs aren’t limited in terms of geography – there is demand just about everywhere in the United States. The Rocky Mountain, West, South, and Gulf Coast regions are most highly sought-after.

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Working with System One

When changing employers, it’s important to consider all options – and one of these options is working with a recruiting agency. As the 3rd largest engineering staffing firm and the 20th largest staffing firm overall in the United States, System One is perfectly positioned to find your next job and help you transition to your dream company.

System One is partnered with one of the largest diesel manufacturers in the world, in addition to multiple other great companies. This allows us access to jobs that candidates might not otherwise get the opportunity to apply to. Additionally, the companies we work with are known for having incredible benefits packages. Along with standard benefits such as health, vision, dental, and paid time off, you can expect pension plans and 401(k)s.

Not only that, but you get an industry-specialized recruiter dedicated to finding the best possible match for you; in a career that can make a positive impact on your life – a career that can provide you with better work-life balance, sense of purpose, growth opportunities, relocation opportunities if you should so choose, travel opportunities with per diem, and financial security.

Are you ready to make the leap?

If you’re ready to find your dream job in the diesel industry, reach out to our team below. With the labor market firmly in the candidate’s corner, there’s never been a better time to refresh your resume.


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