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Why Work with a Recruiter?

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How Recruiters Can Help in Your Job Search


There are many great reasons to work with recruiters during your job search. Recruiters can help you tailor your resume, prep for an interview, and give professional guidance. They have built great relationships with their clients and have learned all about their culture, environment, and expectations for what could be your dream job.

When connecting with a recruiter, it’s best to be prepared to discuss a variety of topics.


Identify what your bottom line is for salary and additional compensation (like benefits and paid time off). Compare your skills, experience, proficiencies, and education with the current market value.

Employment Type

Companies have various needs and budgets. That being said, usually job placements fall into three categories. Try to determine which type of roles you might be interested in beforehand.

  • Contract: Companies often look for contract employees to help during an employee’s absence or leave period, or for a project and seasonal work. These jobs range in length from a couple of weeks to many months.
  • Contract to Hire: This type of position begins as a contract assignment. The company and employee get to know each other during this introductory period. After this stage, if there’s an ideal match between both, there could be an offer to either extend the assignment or proceed with the steps necessary for direct employment.
  • Direct Hire: These are positions that often come with a designated salary or hourly wage and additional benefits, for either full or part-time hours. The interview process normally takes longer than contract or contract-to-hire. There are usually 2 or more rounds of interviews, a background check, and a request for references. Then, you may receive an offer to work directly for the hiring company.

Interview Availability

It’s important to come into a discussion prepared to give dates and times you are available to meet with a hiring manager or team. Be mindful of your current work schedule. Also, let them know if you’re available for phone, video, and/or in-person interviews.

How Soon Can You Start?

Let them know your timeline for beginning a new job, any projects that you need to complete before starting, and the amount of notice you need to provide.

Final Thoughts

Even if they don’t currently have a role for you, they may have one down the road. Stay in touch and good luck in your job search!

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