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An Inside Look at the Challenges Facing the Clinical Industry – and How to Solve Them


We decided to do a little bit of digging into clinical trials. Of note, we discovered that since the year 2000, there have been over 328,000 registered studies, with 111,000 of those being registered in the United States. They have a really cool interactive map showing where / how many studies are registered by country (shout-out to Greenland), and you can drill down into each state / province.

So far in 2020, there have already been 18767 published studies in 2020, which means tons of opportunities for the clinical field – and new challenges.

Challenges in the clinical trial process

Scientists in LabThe clinical industry is quite competitive in this day and age: it’s always a race to the next breakthrough. Additionally, compliance and regulations are forever-evolving, and costs are rising. As clinical trials progress, they present different challenges, which can lead to complications for the company, in both budget and time.

This all makes for a very complicated process. In fact, industry leaders have lamented their difficulties with integrating new technologies into their aging systems, achieving first-to-market advantage with new discoveries, and scaling resources. However, most prominent of all, was the struggle in finding qualified clinical talent.

“The war for talent in the life sciences community is reaching new heights,” said Sally Smith, Director, National Accounts at Joulé. “As demands for qualified clinical and scientific talent increase, industry leaders will see their clinical trials falling short.”

How can Joulé solve your challenges?

Scientists in LabWith over 25 years of experience supporting life sciences clients, Joulé is the ideal firm to partner with for all clinical trial talent needs. We work closely with organizations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical device, and more, in order to help solve their biggest clinical trial challenges. As an ISO-certified provider, we can deliver highly-customized, scalable, flexible solutions that meet our clients’ needs. And whether your trial involves a drug / biologic, behavioral, surgical, or a medical device, we can provide the qualified personnel it’ll take to ensure your trial is a success. Our pipelines are quite deeply-rooted; through our reputation and hard work, we have gained access to talent pools otherwise inaccessible.

Partnering with Joulé can reduce the costs normally associated with recruiting, screening, and onboarding new staff. Not only that, but with decades of experience under our belt, we understand the cyclical nature of hiring, and can readily adjust to your project’s needs and peak periods.

Our clinical trial experience speaks for itself

We believe in the power of knowledge. We have the experience, expertise, and network of professionals needed to deliver clinical trial solutions, quickly and efficiently. Here are examples of our clinical trial collaborations:

Scientists in Lab

Global Phase III Drug Device: Working with a specialty pharmaceutical startup company, Joulé staffed a team of 20 Clinical Trial Managers, Data Managers, and Clinical Research Associates for an innovative drug device combination product. The project ended with all trial-based deliverables completed ahead of schedule. In addition, more than half of the professionals placed by Joulé received job offers from the client to support other areas of their projects.

Phase III Pediatric Anemia Study: Overcoming the challenge of sourcing, hiring, and managing talent in multiple locations, Joulé partnered with a leading manufacturer of specialty injectables to staff a team of 35 Clinical Research Associates located across the US for a yearlong project. In just six weeks, Joulé identified the necessary talent, vetted their qualifications, and completed the onboarding process for the entire team.

Trial Start Up: A rapidly-growing clinical research organization approached Joulé to identify and staff a team of 10 Study Startup Specialists to assist with site selection and activation over a two year contract. Allowing Joulé to handle the recruitment and hiring processes allowed the organization to free up necessary resources to manage SOP integration, perform ongoing monitoring work, and complete other important projects.

Let us help you with your clinical trial talent needs

At Joulé, we understand the processes and standards unique to each clinical trial phase. As such, we deliver the right talent at the right time. You could say… The Right Match is in Our DNA.

We can help you in these areas, and more:

  • Drug Safety & Information Personnel
  • Clinical Operations & Monitoring
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Coding & Writing
  • Clinical Data Management & Analysis
  • Clinical Trial Project Management

Get in touch today - you can contact us at any time here.


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